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April 9, 2012
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Kaidan's Last Stand by Eji Kaidan's Last Stand by Eji
I always thought it was such a waste that Kaidan was never shown using his awesome biotic powers in any cutscenes. I mean, the dude is an L2, his biotic power is at LEAST Asari-level, if not higher... but all he ever uses (outside of gameplay) is a pistol or a rifle :|

I imagined this scenario in my head: Shepard is down after being hit with Harbinger's beam, the Reapers are swarming around them, and Kaidan is out of ammo. No choice left… time to max out his L2, no matter the cost. As he takes down wave after wave of enemies, his power is taxed to the limit, and in a final all-or-nothing shot, he supercharges his barrier to explode and destroy the remainder. Then, his mind shattered from L2 exertion, he collapses by Shepard's body... deathly still.

It would be tragic, but sacrificing himself to save Shepard is totally what he would do. ( ;u; ) I'm very tempted to flesh out this story properly as a short comic, but it would take forever @__@
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icyhugs Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
By the power of the mods! I won't allow u love birds die!
zombieslare Jul 18, 2013  Student Artist
Harlem Shake Emoticon 
Realdeadmeat Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
he kinda looks constipated, but that must just be my opinion
officemafia Apr 29, 2013  Student Photographer
Just to clear,L3 is random asari level.L2 is pretty good for a human,but such can't have equal power to most asari ;)
Not really. An L3 implant is safer than an L2 but not necessarily as powerful. From the wiki: "L3 biotics are consistently stable with moderate ability; while their upper limit is less than an L2, L3s are safe from dangerous side effects." L2's vary wildly from person to person; in the Mass Effect lore it's been established that Kaidan was one of the lucky few L2s who has minimal (relatively) side effects and whose L2 implant has the capability of spiking higher than an L3. They also make a point of having several characters (Garrus, Liara and Wrex in particular) comment on Kaidan's biotic ability, so they've dropped hints that he's got some power even if he chooses to use it with restraint.
Also, not all asari are powerful either. Like humans their power ranges vary, especially if they haven't developed their skill since not all of them even use their biotics to begin with.
officemafia Apr 29, 2013  Student Photographer
First of all,we need to remember that Ls are names of implants,not the power.
But following that,usually L3 means indeed means less stable,but more powerful person-Gillian Grayson,Jack and so on.

I'm pretty sure that it was mentioned in one of the novels that most of asari usually are more powerful than most powerful humans.Indeed no 100%,but most of them are.
Jack is not an L3. Jack is a variation of an L5.
I think you are mixing up L3's with L2's. When you say "L3 means indeed means less stable" that is actually an L2. L3s are the stable ones. L3 implants are known for their consistency and safer reliability-- the downside to this is that their power limits are LESS than an L2. As I said before, L2s can spike higher than L3s, just because 3 comes after 2 does not make it more powerful. L3 was the safe answer to L2s, but they sacrifice power for that safety. According to the wiki as well he says at some point he can 'spike higher than most L3s with the exception of Command Shepard' (and we all know Shepard is a bit of an anomaly since he/she is the player character).

I don't know why you want to insist that Kaidan can't be at least as strong as an asari when even you yourself said there are both weak and powerful asari biotics. His ability to Reave (and the fact that he can Reave amazes the other biotic teammates) is a clear indicator he isn't a normal human biotic. Considering the only other squadmates that can Reave are either Aria or Samara (both asari) this is something important to note.
Oh also, thanks to the Citadel DLC, there's a conversation where the other biotics at the party (Miranda, Liara and Jacob) are surprised that Kaidan can Reave, as it is an advanced move. That's another little hint that he is definitely above-average in his biotic ability.
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Umbravita Apr 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I kinda want to see that story! Great pic.
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